A Facebook user who was equally perplexed by the talking points in this year's National Day Rally highlights actual issues which should have been raised (see here for his post).
"These issues include:
1. Reversing the decline in public transport infrastructure reliability and capacity in light of a rising population and more expensive COEs for cars
2. Understanding the productivity malaise which is indeed a global issue but also compounds the cost problem which Singapore faces 
3. Seeking out ways to recalibrate and adjust the cost structure for businesses in Singapore downwards to remain competitive on the international stage
4. Boosting social safety nets for the poorest and downtrodden in society such that even as we make advances on the latest technological wave, the disadvantaged classes are not left behind and can share in the fruits of progress.
As a First World country, we can afford to be compassionate and empathetic; we do not have to be so brutal to the lowest income strata of our Singaporean society.
Singapore remains an attractive place for MNCs to do business and is also a choice investment destination. However, should the political leaders and senior public servants opt to only focus on the rosy aspect of the outlook, we might find that one day soon, Singapore, encumbered by ever rising wages and rent, lacklustre productivity growth and a multi-tiered society divided along income and wealth lines, is no longer a special location in the global economy – that would imperil our economic vibrancy and continued prosperity."
Do you agree?

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