This is a hypothetical scenario and my post in no way indicates that such events actually occurred IRL to me.

During a recent holiday to Osaka, I saw a lovely girl in school girl attire with blue pleated skirt and necktie standing at a run-down corner of Namba district. She caught my attention immediately. She was so kawaii and pretty. I saw a couple of men try to chat her up but leave after a few words with her.

My interest piqued, I approach her and attempt to strike up a conversation. Before long, I am in a nearby shophouse, and her “agent” has explained to me in tedious, halting, bad English what deals she provides. I ask how old she is, and her agent says 16. I was shocked. I said I didn’t believe it. The girl then told the agent in Japanese, show him, show him, it’s okay. At that time, neither of them know that I can speak a fair bit of Japanese and I understand what both are saying to each other. The agent says, okay, let’s show him.

The agent shows me her passport which he keeps confiscated for the duration of her employment. She is indeed 16, turning 17 next month.

That night, I take her out to dinner. There is nothing hanky panky, just a simple meal at a sushi bar in full view of other patrons. I learnt from her that multiple arrests have been made on both the bosses of JK outlets in Osaka as well as a few customers, but these outlets keep coming back, and the customers keep returning.

Undeterred, the next day, I take her to the same sushi bar and I pay for the entire evening. I was mesmerized by her. Toward the end of our second “date”, I told her I liked her very much and wanted her to be my girlfriend. She appeared skeptical. I told her that if she agreed to be with me, I would support her and provide for her university education. In return she would not have to work at the JK joints again.

She agreed to this. The same day, she told her boss that she wanted to stop working. She took back her passport and we were on our merry way just before midnight. Needing a place to crash, I took her back to my hotel room. Both of us took the opportunity to finalize the details of our agreement. I would provide her for her education and also give her some allowance each month to help her save up to start a business after she graduated. Her dream was to start a chain of sushi bars just like the one we patronized the last two days. When I was not in Japan, she would continue to live with her parents, who still provide her a very small allowance but which is not enough to cover her educational needs.

I told her that if we were still together after she graduated, I might even invest in her startups. She was so happy and expressed her desire for ours to be a really long term friendship, possibly one day ending in marriage if the stars were aligned in our favour.

When my holiday in Osaka was drawing to an end, I confided in a close friend of ours what had happened and I said I wanted to bring her back to Singapore for a holiday as she had never visited. He strong advised me not to bring her back to Singapore if she was still under 18. He said I could be detained by airport security if they suspected I had engaged in underaged sex. I told him that she was no longer at the JK outlet and was officially my girlfriend, where age of consent is 16 and not 18. He said, better not play with Singapore law, they want to screw you they can easily pin a commercial sex with minor charge on you and jail you for it, no matter what your “story” with her is and even if she is willing to back you up.

If the above hypothetical story (which never happened) had happened, would I have committed any crime, is there any chance anyone here will know, and can I really be detained in Singapore when I return?


This post first appeared on a popular local forum.

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