Dear Editors,

On August 17th 2017, I booked a couple tickets to Bali from Singapore, through Expedia.com.sg site; the price listing was 287 SGD (return) which means 574 SGD for couple tickets.

I went through the web page and booked the tickets and final receipt that got from Expedia was 574 USD!!

To my shock I Checked by credit card charges and the billing was very haphazard where two transactions were done for one journey and single transaction for another; one in USD and another one in SGD.

I, then, checked the logged into expedia.com.sg again to check the price, it is still 294SGD per person for the same dates, and I was very sure that when I booked, it was exactly 287 SGD per person.

So I called up Singapore Expedia and provided itinerary, and they didn’t own up the problem stating that it was US booking. I sent my details to twitter handler @expedia, and they don’t seem to help either. They are just saying booking was in USD and hence the charges.

I spoke to US Expedia customer care as well but I was asked to produce the screenshot of the prices on the day when I booked. Now that I know about such scams, I will keep this in mind, but how do I go back in time and take screenshots?

Instead I asked the representative to check their price listing for the date and time that I booked for , and she said she doesn’t have access to such data and she cannot help. I asked who is the higher authority so that I can explain my situation better, but no help on that either.

All in all, I wasted 3-4 hours of time on following up and convincing Expedia support with SGD vs USD pricing and they don’t seem to buy that story.

All that I have to tell you guys is, be very aware of this scam and better try to avoid such website booking who don’t provide good support.

Prasshannt K
A.S.S. Contributor

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