Dear A.S.S. Editor

Just some advice for Grab and Uber drivers, I have been taking these rides for a while and I notice some common bad habits. I can’t help but advise you for your benefits

1) If you realise you are at the wrong lane, don’t force your way into the other lane. I notice many PHV always suddenly change lane risking an accident by inches, remember you are not taxi. Taxi drivers only pay $2000 if they get into an accident. PHV usually pay $4000. Slow down or stop completely and make sure vehicles on the other lane give way to you before changing.

2) If you are near the junction and you realise you need to turn or a new booking came in. Don’t stop in the go-straight only lane, drive forward and make a u-turn. Usually the lane that can turn are go straight or turn, you are risking your insurance excess by turning at the go-straight only lane. If you insist on stopping at the go-straight only lane, you are extremely selfish, you try to save you own time, but 20 vehicles behind yo who wanted to go straight lost their time.

My two cents view,

Drive safe please

James K

A.S.S. Contributor

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