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The Singapore men’s waterpolo team proved yesterday that the draw against Indonesia, the first time they had failed to win any match in the history of the SEA Games, was just a fluke, as they clinched the gold medal.

The draw had taken some shine off the invincibility of the Singapore team in the region, but it was restored in the most emphatic of ways, when they beat the hosts, Malaysia with a dominant scoreline of 17-4. Indonesia had beaten the Philippines 12-5 earlier in the day, and had one hand on an improbable gold medal. But the Singapore men knew they had to beat Malaysia by two clear goals in order to win their 27th straight gold.

That they did, as they came good in the most important match of the competition. Congratulations to the Singapore men’s waterpolo team. They did our nation proud again.

Mike Chan

A.S.S. Contributor

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