Hello, everyone!

Some of you have alerted me to a false ad on the Yahoo page.

It’s a hoax.

The Yahoo folks have been alerted and are investigating how this mischief happened – supposedly of me endorsing a silly get rich scheme.

It’s a useful reminder for us all to stay alert, when we are all vulnerable to fake news and identity theft.

Please do stay alert online for scams, phishing and other nasties.

If something looks too good to be true, it likely is.

As my mother used to say in Cantonese: Where can anyone find a fat frog jumping around the street waiting to be caught.

I don’t believe in schemes to get easy money.

Nothing beats good character, good education and good values.

And many thanks too to those who took the trouble to alert me.

Take care and goodnite!

Taken from Ho Ching Facebook (

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