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An unemployed man, Nah Hock Keong, 43, was sentenced to three months’ jail on Monday for admitting to touching the left breast of a 15 year old student at the open space near Block 252, Jurong East Street 24, on May 8.

And while out on bail for the first offence about three weeks later, he molested a 26-year-old teacher outside a shop in Block 252, Jurong East Street 24, by touching her on the buttocks. For this offence, he was given two months’ jail. His sentence will run consecutively, thus he will have to serve five months behind bars.

In the first case, the girl was walking across the open space near Block 252 that morning when she saw Nah approaching her from the opposite direction. He went up to her and asked in Mandarin if she could spare him $2. At the same time, he made a flicking motion with his fingers, and made contact with her breast. She told him off, while he persisted in asking her for money. He the moved away. The teen made a police report, and Nah was arrested the next day.

In the second case, the teacher was walking past a shop in Block 252 when Nah called out to her. She turned around and saw him, but ignored him and kept on walking. Nah then touched her buttocks. The victim then turned around and scolded him for touching her. Nah has had previous convictions for property-related offences.

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