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We should not laugh at other’s misfortune, but isn’t it funny how Malaysia can get the flag of their neighbours wrong in the SEA Games commemorative magazine? It came to light over the weekend that the SEA Games organisers mistakenly published the country’s flag upside down in a commemorative magazine, prompting anger among Indonesians.

This is really Malaysia Boleh. After all, they only had 60 over years of getting familiar with Indonesia’s actual flag. And they only had two years to prepare for these Games. And just to make things sweeter, the souvenir was handed out to dignitaries – including Indonesia’s Sports Minister Imam Nahrawi, who tweeted a picture of the offending page.

The flag of Indonesia was depicted upside down, or to be more precise, the flag of Poland was used instead of Indonesia. Malaysia apologised and said this will not happen again in the future. But, this was not the only incident. Another SEA Games booklet mixed up the flags of Indonesia and Thailand in a reprint of the medals table from 2011.

A Malaysian daily also printed Indonesia’s flag upside down, while the Games organisers were criticised for using the wrong flag for two Brunei athletes at a synchronised swimming event. The swimmers, Jacqueline Lim and Nur Hafizah Ahmad, were shown next to what appeared to be a flag for Brunei’s armed forces.

SEA Games in Malaysia really full of wins!

Abbas Hussein

A.S.S. Contributor

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