To be honest, I guess many already knows why our MRT keep breaking down. Our MRT was designed back in SG golden era of about 2 million people, now it is already three times that population and it will still keep raising.

Overcrowding is one thing that most even I also agree that the train keeps failing. For any tom, dick and harry, will surely know that like say if your car/mini-van exceeds the intended carrying weight
and passenger.

Will it move? No, even if it can. the excess weight create more stress on the engine thus the engine lifespan is shorten. Eventually you need a engine overhaul one day.

I also shared this with LTA/SMRT, to be honest their solution is confusing. They want to send more trains during peak hours to reduce overcrowding.

Which is…… Increase the amount of trains during peak hours since they do not agree that overcrowding is the primary cause of train breakdown.

Huh I do not come from electrical/mechanics thus I really cannot understand.

Like say like in mining, you have few overweight cart in front the overall line will be slow down by these carts since these carts cannot move that fast.

Unless all carts have balanced weights, the line will be smooth which is my theory.

For their theory if in mining scenario, is to send even more carts to transport and move load as quickly as possible.

It’s great move but sending too many carts may eventually jam up/crash the line. Either way, what is so difficult to just install a buzzer like in lift? If too crowded, it beeps which is to ensure that the train is not overweight.

This is also to curb those inconsiderate/kiasu people who like to squeeze or board the train even if the door is closing. So is really installing a buzzer impractical? Any thoughts and etc. feel free to discuss.

A.S.S. Contributor

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