A Singaporean driver let a Caucasian man and his family pass after they crossed the road in a reckless manner, but still got shouted and challenged to a fight by the man after he shook his head at the foreigner's reckless behvavior.
The incident took place on 19 August at 6.45PM along St Thomas Walk.
A video of the incident has been posted online. 

It shows the man crossing the road recklessly into the path of oncoming traffic and shouting at his family members to keep up. He is seen having a baby strapped to his body. Although the driver stopped to let the man through, the man could be seen gesturing and shouting at the driver over something the driver did. The man even tried to challenge the driver to a fight by blocking the path of the car, baby and all, and walking to the driver's side of the vehicle to intimidate the driver.
According to the video taker, the man had been offended when he shook his head disapprovingly at the man's reckless behavior, which led the foreigner to flare up.
"I was more than happy to let him pass, but he flew into a rage and blocked my vehicle's passage with the baby strapped to him when I shook my head at his reckless act." He wrote, "He kept saying he had the right to cross because he had a baby with him. Does he think his baby is his shield?"
The driver did not respond to the man's aggression and simply drove off as seen in the video.

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