Dear A.S.S. Editor

It was interesting that our PM, in his National Day Rally speech, decided to highlight 70-year-old Teo Yoke Lan, who delivers meals on an e-bike for UberEats around the Central Business District area. PM Lee said she did this to keep herself fit and able to make a living at the same time.

Her efforts are definitely to be praises, and she deserves her moment in the spotlight. But did the PM and his Minister miss the important point from this person? How is it that a 70 year old woman, tech savvy as she is, still have to go out and work to make a living? Retirement age was long gone, and if she wants to keep fit, she did not have to toil to be in a job. She can easily join any walking or running groups, or any other fitness groups to keep herself fit even at such an advanced age.

She has reached retirement age, and she should be able to live life in comfort. Apparently, that would not happen. Instead, she became a poster lady for those who have to work past retirement age. Some things never change though. Our rich Ministers get to enjoy their lives long after they retired, but for ordinary Singaporeans, we have to convince ourselves that we have to work till we die, because that is how we keep fit.

Kerry Hoon

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