Dear A.S.S. Editors,

18th August morning, there was a major MRT train disruption. However, SMRT still deducted my fare as per normal.

It is my sincere belief that it is totally wrong for SMRT to continue to charge fares from commuters while they are having breakdowns. They should not be charging a single cent as long as their services are not back at 100%.

So that afternoon, I went to the Joo Koon MRT control station. I politely told the lady, “I would like to enquire about your refund policy whenever MRTs suffer a breakdown.”

I explained to her that this morning, there was a breakdown. However, fares were deducted as per normal instead of being waived.

She checked my EZ-link card, and referred to her supervisor. He explained to me, “Sir, you travelled from Pioneer to Joo Koon. It is not one of those stations affected.”

I explained to him that my trip was around 5 minutes longer than usual.

After a bit of explaining, he replied, “I’m sorry to hear that, we will proceed with your refund.”

At this point, I told him, my real purpose here was to let him know that SMRT still charges us a fare even though there was a breakdown for at least 45 minutes. This was wrong, and SMRT should not be charging us any fares when they have a breakdown, regardless of the affected stations.

I told him that I want to let SMRT know that it is wrong for them to charge fares during breakdowns, and they should waive the fares. I requested to speak with his management.

And the result, he gave me a feedback form with my refund. I filled in and submitted of course, even though no doubt there won’t be a reply.

Thumbs up for the service staff, but thumbs down for SMRT for still accepting fares despite their breakdowns.

To me, it is simply WRONG for SMRT to continue accepting fares when they are having breakdowns. This should be stopped, and I hope more passengers let them know about it.

Giam Siak Passenger
A.S.S. Contributor

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