An unfortunate incident, causing losses of at least $5000 and damaged furnitures, had happen during the early morning of 19 August 2017 at 0237hrs.

Four drunken male, Local Chinese, aged 45-60, were seen alighting a TransCab taxi along the main road of Balestier Road before proceeding to our premise.

Subjects were greeted and attended promptly by Staff A, menu was presented and utensils were placed on their table.

Staff B then approached these subjects’ table politely informing them that she will be back with the ordering device to place their orders.

Male A (black shirt) wanted immediate attention by throwing chopsticks towards the counter area.

Male B (white shirt) follow suit, with larger items thrown at our staff.

Male A & B approached the counter, throwing chairs, pushed the steamer, smashed the streamer and broke bowls.

Subjects were last seen boarding a blue ComfortDelGro Taxi along the main road of Balestier Road, cowardly fled the premise at 0241hrs.

They left behind a mess of damages accounting to at least $5000. Physical damages can be fixed and replaced.

However, our staff were frighten and shaken to be terrorise in this manner.

We hope that the public will be able to assist our Police Force in identifying and report these four dangerous subjects.

We, Balestier Bak Kut Teh (Kian Lian) Sincerely Thank You.

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