Someone very close me me has been suffering under the hands of this man, Allex Ang Hwee, for 9 long years. (I will not be sharing who this close person is as she does not want to be known. Let’s call her “Betty” for the sake of the story.) Betty loved him so much and was blinded by his love for him that she tolerated being physically and emotionally abused by him. I heard him shouting at the top of his lungs scolding Betty in public on countless occasions. I heard his voice shouting at her from the 14th floor when they were at ground level. He has even strangled her until she almost died and pinned her down multiple times.

Despite all these, Betty knew his anger issues and stayed by his side hoping things will get better overtime. They got married 4 years ago, she did not even have an elaborate wedding. Her own family members were not even invited to the wedding, all they did was register their marriage.

Little did she know that it’ll be a mistake she’ll regret making for the rest of her life. 2nd year into the marriage, she found out he was cheating on her with a Muslim woman (the woman in the photos I’ve very kindly censored) behind her back. She was devasted, she broke down and it took her a really long time to heal emotionally.

She wanted to file for a divorce but because of the law in Singapore, she had to be “legally married” for 3 full years before she could do it. Finally, this year she can finally file for a divorce. But this fucking bastard does not want to sign the fucking papers!!! He has been delaying the process for over 8 months. Betty cannot be a free woman because of this fucker and I think he enjoys that (sick bastard). She has to either sue him or fork out thousands of dollars to get the lawyer to go down and make him sign the papers, both not working out in Betty’s favour.

I want to make sure he signs the fucking divorce papers and return Betty her freedom. Since there’s no other ways to do it, I figured social media would be her only hope. PLEASE share and make this post viral and help return Betty her freedom.

Edit: I didn’t want to add this in intially because I thought it’ll be too much info but Betty has given me the green light to do it. This fucker has also gotten Betty pregnant a few years ago and made her go for an abortion. She wanted to keep the baby but he told her “you are not fit to be a mother, you must have the courage to abort the baby”. PLEASE help betty get rid of this fucker from her life.

Update: I know some of you know who this girl is, but please don’t spread rumours about her. I just got to know that she doesn’t even know he was married, and his friends didn’t even know either. It’s ironic how nobody knows the lawfully wedded wife. I’ll take this post down once he signs the divorce papers, that’s my promise to the girl.

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