Dear A.S.S. Editors,

I made a payment for comfort taxi fare using DBS PayLah. This is supposed to be a DBS app in which payment was made by scanning a QR code on the NETs machine. I did it because it in this era, it is the norm for many merchants to accept cashless payment.

After making the payment via PayLah, I was charged a extra $0.30 by NETs.

I would like to know why using a bank app to make payment for taxi fare has to involve NETs and what kind of admin work does CDG has to do in order to justify this charge?

If the $0.30 goes to the driver I’m still ok. However it’s being kept by CDG and how come Uber and Grab don’t charge you extra for using credit card but CDG has to?

Is CDG not responding to the change in technology and still relying on old school method to conduct business?

I still recall CDG sent out a message to all their Drivers to report Uber or grab driver if they are in taxi lane. If this is the kind of mindset they have, not improving themselves but trying to sabotage others, how do they expect to improve ?

A.S.S. Contributor

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