Inspiration stories of Singaporeans reaching out to help one another have emerged following yet another islandwide MRT breakdown this morning.

Commuters who were left stranded after the Downtown Line, East-West Line and North-South Line experienced delays during morning peak hour have reported receiving unexpected free rides from private and commercial drivers alike.

One netizen told reporters how her son and 3 other schoolmates were picked up at Ang Mo Kio MRT by a kind school bus driver, who delivered them straight to their school in the peak of the breakdowns.

Another netizen reported how a kind driver stopped by the side of Braddell MRT this morning and offered a ride to affected commuters going his way. The driver did not collect any fees from his passengers.

This marks nearly 2 months of MRT disruptions since late June 2017.

One commuter wrote in a complaint: “So much about their advertisement on “We are working on it”, working on it for a better service or for more screwed up service? Then why should we be paying so much for our public transport? Must we pay hefty prices to take taxi or uber and grab or buy our own cars to travel around?

“And please LTA and MOE, work with rail operators to provide a dedicated queue and bridging bus services to nearby schools in the event of such disruptions, get it?”

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