A poor groom to be put his wedding banquet up for sale on Carousell after his bride ran off to marry another man instead. In order to recoup his losses ($28,888), the groom is willing to throw in many freebies such as free bridal car and photographer to get back some of his money. Are you thinking about getting married soon, grab this great deal now?

Dearest Shotgun/YoLo/Urgent/Budget Couples,

On behalf of the groom almost-to-be, (I cannot mention his name due to a gag order by the supreme council and bounded by a non disclosure agreement), I am letting go a wedding dinner package at Marina Mandarin on the 13th oct 2017.

Here are the juicy details:
1. 30 Tables (deposit paid)
2. Letting go at $28888 Before GST (can be nego slightly but the groom is super depressed now, i’ll front the negotiations)

FREE Perks if you take up this package:
1. We will sponsor the wedding car on the day itself (Maserati or Mercedes)
1.1 Driver included
2. We will sponsor the wedding gowns and suits for the couple
2.1 Do not worry about size, fitting services are available and FOC
3. We will sponsor the dresses and suits for both the couple’s parents
3.1 Do not worry about size, fitting services are available and FOC
4. We will ALSO sponsor the gowns for the sisters!!!
4.1 Do not worry about size, fitting services are available and FOC
4.2 Godzilla also can wear, pang xim
4.3 Sadly, up to 6 sisters only
4.3.1 BUT NEVERMIND!!! If you got more than 6 sisters, i steady bom bi bi TOP UP FOC FOR YOU!!!
5. We will sponsor the photographer AS WELL AS the videographer for the gate crash AND the wedding dinner itself

Groom’s situation:
This is a classic case of running lion towards the west or i’ll put nicely, “A journey to the west”
He has paid the ultimate price for conforming to our government’s policy: “Marry young, fuck now, give birth to more babies, help fight the aging population.”
I urge all fellow Shotgun/YoLo/Urgent/Budget Couples… THIS IS A GOOD STEAL!

Can someone introduce a girl to the groom asap so that they can fall in love before 13th oct 2017 and get married on 13th oct 2017?

“I what also don’t have, money I alot, not super super super rich, but rich enough to buy her hermes bao bao just to see her smile… But now… it’s ok. If i cannot be happy, I will want others to be happy… I can even drive the car on their wedding day 13/08/17…” – A 28-yr-old-groom-almost-to-be

Kindly help to share. (referral commission can nego)

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