Dear A.S.S. Editor

I have been a regular customer at Sengkang Koptiam Square’s Qiu Lian Ban Mian. However, I have had several encounters where I found flies, ants and hair in my noodles. I have attached photos below. For the first few encounters I have let it go and closed one eye because I loved eating the noodles so much. But finding disgusting things in their food has happened TOO many times.

I have tried to approach the staff manning the stall, but have been shouted at by them. They used a very rude tone to dismiss the matter and raised their voice at me in hopes of frightening me off. What is more outrageous is that they even took PHOTOS of me without my permission, although I’ve done nothing but tried to reason with them politely in a gracious and understanding manner. They have violated my privacy. I have tried emailing the Qiu Lian Ban Mian facebook, but they believed in their staff’s single side of the story (although I have pictures of the unhygienic food and there is clear evidence of their staff’s outrageous behaviour on CCTV footage).

They even blamed me for not wanting to resolve the situation when they started taking pictures of me. They said that they attempted to “resolve the issue” but I was the one who walked off? (like hello if someone was taking pictures of you without ur permission of course you would walk off right. plus how do you call taking pictures of others “resolving the issue”??).

They condoned their staff’s unhygienic, rude,uncivil behavior and made NO move to rectify the situation. Therefore, I would like to seek justice. How can such a store with horrible hygiene practices and attitudes continue to exist to threaten Singaporeans’ health? Please, spread the word of my injustice for me, and do not purchase from this store. If you really want to, purchase at your own risk. Thank you.


A.S.S. Contributor

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