Li Shengwu left Singapore for the US more than a week earlier as planned as his friends were worried that he may be detained or interrogated due to his contempt of court case.

In a Reuters interview, Li Shengwu said his friends were concerned for his safety since it is possible for someone to be interrogated without a lawyer here.

He left Singapore on 23 July, 2 days after the AGC sent him a letter to demand an apology for his Facebook post.

The Prime Minister’s Press Secretary Chang Li Lin was quick to defend the legal system by saying it is inaccurate to make such statements because it is only part of legal procedures and laws. He said: “This is a well-established legal process. Clear laws and procedures apply to all cases of contempt, including this case involving Mr Li… The Courts will decide on the merits of the case”.

Wah, own FamiLEE member also scared until run?

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