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The police have warned that there is a new scam doing the rounds via phone now. The latest phone scam involves callers who claims to be telco employees telling victims that their mobile phone numbers were used for illegal activities, and they will then proceed to phish personal information from the victims.

It was understood that more than 10 people have made police reports about such scams, and at least one person having been reported to have lost more than $100,000.

The scammers would typically claim to be employees of telecomms services based in China or Singapore. When victims pick up their phones, they will hear an automated vice message in Mandarin telling them that their phone lines will be terminated. They will then get intructions from a Chinese police or a telco employee, typically getting victim’s personal information to resolve the matter.

It is still not clear what the personal information is used for. It was also unknown how the one person in the report had lost $100,000. But what is clear is these are scammers, so don’t fall for it. Never divulge your personal information to untrusted sources.

Philip Lau

A.S.S. Contributor

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