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The AVA has stated that those found abandoning their pets will be dealt with harshly. To reiterate their point, two women were fined and given a six-month ban from owning pets in separate cases of pet abandonment.

In the first case, Tan Lee Cheng, 46, had abandoned her son’s pet dog. She had decided that her son was unable to care for the jack Russell terrier he had adopted from a friend, and left it in the area of Gangsa Road and Lonpang Road. The dog later died. She was fined $4,000 and issued a six month disqualification order.

In the second case, Lu Mei Hua, 43, instructed her maid to leave their family dog at an Ang Mo Kio void deck after it bit her daughter’s finger. Investigations later showed that Lu did not have a licence in the first place to own the toy poodle. The dog survived, but Lu was fined $3,500 and given a six month disqualification order.

Members of the public can report cases of pet abandonment to the AVA via its 24 hour hotline at 1800 476 1600.

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