‎Facebook complaint by Tegindarjeet Singh

These ignorant Indian Tourists were late for pick up for around 15mins….in fact they were not even ready after specific waiting time stated in their Service Voucher. When vehicle was leaving hotel as driver got another pick up… after getting green light from agent…These tourist then chased the vehicle, banged on it vandalising it, surrounded the vehicle preventing it from moving & started harrassing by arguing with lies and so on….

How can we respect and tolerate such foreigner? Do they think they can treat us like how they treat the drivers in India. Give respect You get respect… Yes, these guests are our paying customers but not for wasting our time & to harrass the drivers.

Yes..we can wait…if they can afford it…which they can't and yet so demanding with a budget. Always assuming that driver will wait & standby till they're ready…for a 1 way trip they paid. This disgust me.

That is why Nana Patekar once said "Sau Mein Assi Beimaan , Phir Bhi Humara Desh Mahaan" Anyways I'm not against Indian but their attitude & culture they bring here. Even when we go any country…we don't look down on low income people who are providing us the travel & hospitality services.

P.S. : We are not desperodos…We transporters in Singapore earn so much much more way better than India drivers, we have self respect and dignity. #indiamari #intentionalharassment

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