In the past few months, several Singtel consumers have been hit by what Singtel refers to as “3rd party content provider” called TMT Connekt. This service charges users $5 per week without any real prior subscription to the service nor any real confirmation or quote “multi-step registration process and a double confirmation from customers for each transaction” as mentioned by Tricia Lee (

Confused and outraged customers sought out to settle their case on Singtel’s
Facebook page only to have the standard reply of “Activating *BLOCK (*25625)”
and if customers have “contacted the 3rd party content provider directly for
clarification”, and assured customers that these services are”user initiated”
and “require customers to respond to an invitation or provide verification
either online or via SMS”. However, from the many Facebook posts we could
observe that customers were unaware of any subscription to any of such

refer to:

Hi, I've been charged $15 by TMT Connekt for a "Have Fun Singapore" service which I have neither subscribed nor used. Please assist.

Tan Heng Liangさんの投稿 2017年7月19日水曜日

Hi can I know please what is this TMT Connekt billing me $20 for have fun Singapore-Daily fun videos i did not subscribe to in the month of July and august?

Mouss Moussyさんの投稿 2017年8月16日水曜日

Hi Singtel, I am also billed $15 from this provider (TMT Connekt) when I have never accepted or opened any annoymous…

Seashell Chuaさんの投稿 2017年8月12日土曜日

what is this TMT Connekt billing me $25 for videos i did not subscribe to in the month of July?

Fish Chaar CKさんの投稿 2017年8月12日土曜日

Hi SingtelKindly explained why a third party company namely TMT Connekt billed thru YOU in my monthly bill.Firstly I…

Maszlan Misratさんの投稿 2017年8月11日金曜日

Wth is this TMT havefunsingapore? don't recall that i've ever used their services and NEVER clicked on them links in the…

MN Aimanさんの投稿 2017年8月11日金曜日

3rd party content providers have been an issue with Singtel for a long time
now. Examples include TMG Asia Pte Ltd in 2013, Allterco-ATLC and Buongiorno
Gamifive in 2015. Is Singtel experiencing a major security flaw which affects
the interests of their customers which might have unknowingly or accidentally
clicked on an ad to initiate the charging of the service? If so, is there
anything Singtel can do to address this issue? Possibly with honesty, for
example to say 3rd party content provider scams are on the rise and Singtel
is doing what they can to prevent this issue, or that these 3rd party content
providers are ever so frequently finding loopholes in the system to bill
unsuspecting customers while Singtel does what they can to update their
content filter? However none of these are really mentioned by Singtel, just
the usual please do this and please do that.

Or maybe, just maybe, Singtel is a shareholder and partner with these shady
companies hosting 3rd party content? Taking a look at TMT Connekt’s website,, you can spot a very familiar logo in the page. Yes, the
Singtel logo, can be found in the page mentioned as one of their most dynamic
and innovative Telco partners. Is this a conspiracy for Singtel to have such
blatant scams because they are partners with these companies? Or is Singtel
being framed here along with their lack of competency to filter out 3rd party
content services like this?

A.S.S. Contributor

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