The National University Hospital (NUH) has reportedly cancelled an life saving medical procedure for a stage 4 cancer patient after he was unable to cough out the $600 deposit fee in cash.

Fortunately, a good samaritan stepped in at the last minute and paid for the procedure – a critical PET scan that would allow doctors to perform a critical bone marrow transplant, but the incident has left a bitter taste for many netizens who read about Ridwan’s treatment at the hands of NUH bureaucrats.

53 year-old Ridwan Bin Aman’s plight was publicized by local activist Gilbert Goh after he heard about his plight. According to Goh, the hospital had asked Ridwan to pay for the procedure by cash as he was not allowed to use his Medisave or Medifund.

“No Medisave or Medifund can be used and it has to be cold hard cash. In Singapore, sometimes its really stressful if you are poor and sick with a dreadful illness,” Goh wrote. “Mind you NUH is supposed to be a government-aided hospital but it has turned profit-making after all the upgrading work.”

After the receipt of payment from Ridwan’s sponsor, NUH has since rescheduled Ridwan’s scan for 8.55AM.

Angry netizens have since approached NUH for more comments on this unhappy incident, with several of them voicing out concern that life saving operations are being denied to patients who cannot afford them.

In response to these netizens on Facebook, the hospital had said that it would reach out to Ridwan.

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