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Seems like poor navy man, Jason Chee, just cannot catch a break. In 2012, navy man Jason Chee lost his left arm and both legs in a horrendous ship accident. Now, he has lost his right eye too. In a press conference at the Singapore Sports Institute in Kallang, Chee maneuvered his motorised wheelchair into the room and looked straight into the camera trained at him.

“I want people to see it clearly”. In place of his right eyeball is a clear, plastic lens that prevents his eyelids from shutting. At 8.30am on a Wednesday in April this year, Chee was just about to kick off his workday at the Changi Naval Base when half the vision in his right eye “blacked out”. He didn’t panic. “I told my colleague that I needed to see the doctor,” he said. At 10am, he saw an eye specialist at Changi General Hospital. The next morning, the doctor said it was a tumour and referred him to the National Eye Centre. A month later, doctors there told him it was cancerous.

Jason subsequently had his right eye removed, and thankfully, managed to beat the cancer, even though at the cost of one eye. And just to show that he can overcome all the difficult that comes his way, he will still be representing Singapore at the ASEAN Para Games, held in Kuala Lumpur from Sep 17 to Sep 23. Jason Chee, you are already a winner for Singapore!

Howard Tee

A.S.S. Contributor

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