Dear ASS Editors,

I hope that you will write an article on this to warn your readers, to take note before paying for their Singtel bills.

Many Singtel subscribers like myself have received unauthorized bill from Singtel recently on behalf of TMT Connekt for premium services that we did not subscribe to. When Singtel received such complains, they will conveniently blame it on the customer for responding to invitations that appear in the form of a lucky draw form or pop up advertisements during online browsing.

Apparently, from the large number of customers who were affected in these threads:

Hi, I've been charged $15 by TMT Connekt for a "Have Fun Singapore" service which I have neither subscribed nor used. Please assist.

Tan Heng Liangさんの投稿 2017年7月19日水曜日

what is this TMT Connekt billing me $25 for videos i did not subscribe to in the month of July?

Fish Chaar CKさんの投稿 2017年8月12日土曜日

they did not respond to any advertisements but were mysteriously charged by Singtel.

Hope that you can help warn the public to be aware when paying for their bill as Singtel does not seem to have any intention to terminate the arrangement to help such scam third party companies collect payment but instead asked the customers to contact the 3rd party content provider directly themselves and to subscribe to their 3rd party premium barring service to prevent future charges.

A.S.S. Contributor

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