Media should focus on Singapore’s “poor” rankings too!

I refer to the Carlton Tan’s article “Economist’s liveability report meaningless for non-expats” (theonlinecitizen, Aug 17).

Controversies on Singapore’s rankings?

It states that “As it is often said, there are lies, damned lies and statistics. Our national dailies have presented the statistics here differently when their results are unfavourable than when they are favourable. They have interpreted the statistics in a way that is contrary to its intended purpose. And they have failed to scrutinise the way the statistics are derived even though they are uniquely equipped to do so (there is no way TOC can afford EIU’s costly reports).”

After reading the above, I thought it may be interesting to compile a listing of the “not so glorious” rankings of Singapore in its history (current and past).

Singapore’s “not so good” rankings?

151st – Press Freedom ranking 2017 (Reporters Without Borders)

2nd lowest in Asia-pacific for employee engagement 2017

Bottom 10 in the world for the least number of United Nations human rights conventions signed and ractified

1st – Most expensive city in the world 2017 (The Economist)

4th – Capitalism-cronyism index 2017 (The Economist)

2nd lowest in the world 2016 – Total Fertility Rate (TFR)

Highest paid Ministers, Members of Parliament and top civil servants in the world

Longest work hours in world

2nd highest work stress in Asia

2nd lowest for libido in a study of 40 countries.

Gallup ranked Singaporeans as having the least positive emotions, most emotionless and least optimistic

Happy Planet Index has ranked Singapore at 90th – most unhappy

The World Happiness Report 2013 ranked singapore as the 126th (most unhappy) and 144th (most emotionless)

Second least likely to help a stranger, out of 135 countries.

Singapore has been rated only partly free at 4 out of 7 for political rights and civil liberties (where 1 is most free) by Freedom House Freedom in the World 2013 Index

81st on The Economist Democracy Index 2012


Leong Sze Hian
A.S.S. Contributor

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