A 14 year-old boy faces the prospect of permanent disfigurement following an accident between himself and a private hire vehicle driven by an elderly driver.

The accident happened at the junction of East Coast Park and Still Road on Tuesday at about 5PM.

According to the 14 year-old boy’s doctors, the teen could face permanent facial scars as the accident had caused serious damage to his facial features and skull.

Speaking to reporters, the 14 year-old recounted how he had been at the park with his friend, who was also cycling. However only he was struck by the vehicle when he moved off. He remembers hitting the bonnet of the car with great force before losing consciousness. He awoke later with a fright and in pain in the ambulance.

Eye witnesses say the boy was flung a good few meters before lying motionless on the ground. The driver, who is believed to be a private hire driver working for Uber, came down from his car clutching a walking aid and looked lost and confused. The driver was not ferrying anyone during the accident and reportedly stayed behind to assist investigators.

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