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Two men who punched and kicked another patron who had started a fight at a karaoke lounge, have been sentenced to 8 months jail each. Store supervisor Kingsley Xie, 43, and operations executive Teo Chee Wee, 42, started punching and kicking Mr Tan Kiang Hui, 55, in his head, face and body, causing him to suffer a broken nose, right eye socket fracture and a dislocated left elbow, at Yangtze KTV at The Adelphi in Coleman Street, on 6 February last year.

Mr Tan and two friends arrived at Yangtze KTV at about 1.30am that day for a drinking session. They found a table at the public entertainment area of the KTV lounge. Teo and Xie, together with two other friends, were then in one of the private rooms when Teo noticed Mr Tan in the premises. Teo approached Mr Tan and asked him to go with him into the private room. One of the victim’s friends decided to follow them as he sensed that something was not right. But he was stopped from entering the room. While in the room, Teo had a dispute with Mr Tan. A fight broke out, during which Xie and Teo kicked and punched the victim all over his body, head and face. The assault stopped 10 minutes later. Both Xie and Teo left the KTV lounge.

It was understood that it was the victim that threw the first punch, at Teo. Xie reacted instinctively upon seeing his friend being assaulted. It was known what the dispute between the two parties was about.

Barry Kay

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