A netizen and her family were having lunch at Changi Airport when they spotted a table of tourists who may have left a disgusting soiled diaper worn by their toddler under a seat.

The incident took place at 1PM on 13 August.

According to the netizen, the group consisted of 2 men, a woman and a toddler who appeared to be tourists as they spoke in a foreign accent and carried a suitcase. The group had left in a hurry after being approached by the restaurant staff over the soiled diaper. The women reportedly took out a piece of wet tissue, wiped her phone with it and threw it on the table for the service staff to clean up.

The family allegedly also took away a ziploc bag containing a yellow liquid with them as they left.

“I have no idea if the diaper on the floor is theirs, but I wouldn’t have sat down at that table if there was a diaper lying around.”

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