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Did not take long for this to happen then. Barely two weeks after private-hire cars were required to put up decals to identify themselves as providing chauffeured services, a seller started touting his services online to “modify” the decals such that they become removable.

The service was offered via Carousell, at a price of $30. The plastic decals, issued by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to those who are successful in their Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocational Licence (PDVL) applications, are supposed to be tamper-evident. Once peeled, the word “void” will be left at the back of the label.

The decal requirement kicked in on July 1. And on July 11, a seller on online marketplace Carousell who goes by the moniker dd740 wrote in a listing: “We can help you to modify your PDVL to become removable (without seeing the “void” word). Any time can remove and paste back easily.” The item, which was still up on Tuesday (Aug 15), had received close to 100 “likes” and four comments so far. There was also another Carousell listing for a S$5 “tint sticker” to mask the decals had received more than 130 “likes” since June. However, it was taken down recently.

Some drivers have expressed unhappiness over the decal requirement, noting that it has made it hard for them to be discreet about picking up fares on the side of their day jobs. Others prefer to keep their status as private-hire car drivers away from public knowledge. Thus, the market for this illegal decal will definitely rear its ugly head, as they are willing customers. LTA have not responded to this two cases yet.

Brandon Wang

A.S.S. Contributor

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