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The man who was found dead on the pavement near the void deck of Block 165A at Teck Whye Crescent, has been identified as 35 year old Mohammad Roslan Zaini.

It was understood that he was stabbed in the chest. He had allegedly been chased down the block, which is made up of rental flats, leaving a trail of blood all the way to the pavement. The suspect was arrested in the nearby housing estate, but no weapon has been found yet. The suspect and Mr Roslan were flatmates.

Neighbours described the deceased as being about 1.65m tall, plump and with dyed blond hair. He was a divorcee, whose ex wife and baby son used to stay in the unit with him. The suspect, who has not been named, was described as tall with natural coloured hair. Neighbours had also said that the unit will be full of people every Saturday, and CNB had enquired about the occupants before for drugs use.

It was also reported that the suspect was sleeping in the corridors and staircase landing of the block for two years, before Roslan invited him to stay in his flat about six months ago. He had told his neighbours that he invited the man in as he pitied him.

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