To President Wannabe Halimah

To Exercise Judgement on Second Key to our National Reserves, you NEED AT LEAST Financial Literacy, not to mention Economics learning! Judgement doesn’t come from mere ‘feelings’ or ‘gut feel’ or ‘instincts’ or ‘inspiration’ or mere ‘trust’ whatsoever!

Heaven helps us Singaporeans if you get elected with such simpleton and naive thinking!

It seems that you are the LEAST qualified or should I say, TOTALLY Unqualified to be our President if you neither think nor have that financial and economics learning!

Neither should religion or race or even the mere position of being the Speaker of Parliament should make you the President or even qualified as a Presidential candidate but it seems that this is the case. A truly qualified candidate for Presidency MUST have certain level of financial and economics learning, understanding or background!

For the country’s sake, please walk off from this important post which you do not have the necessary skillsets and knowledge to fulfill the role and duty.

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