A 35 year-old Malay man was found stabbed and left for dead on the void deck of Block 165A Teck Whye Crescent this morning at 4.45AM.

Police investigators were seen combing the area around the deceased’s body for clues, including the HDB staircase, lift landing and most of the fourth floor of the block.

A police spokesman stated that a 48 year-old suspect has been arrested in connection with this case, which has been classified as a murder investigation.

According to eye witnesses who live in the area, the murder may have been the result of a fight between men at about 3AM in the morning.

One eye witness who lives in the block told reporters that she had heard fighting at 3AM that morning, which woke her up from her sleep. She got up, heard people running down the staircase followed by more shouting.

She told reporters that this is not the first time violent fights have broken out in the area, although she was shocked when she discovered a police cordon when she woke up the next morning.

Police investigations are ongoing.

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