Chinese seventh month starts 22 August this year. For people not in the know, that’s when Taoists and Buddhists believe that the gates of hell open for a month for spirits to wander the earth. In a multicultural country like Singapore, this is observed widely and even people from other faiths generally tend to err on the side of caution and observe certain customs during this period.

This period is also when stranger things tend to happen, and I thought I’d share something which happened to a friend of mine.

He and his girlfriend went to a certain ktv in the central part of Singapore during seventh month a few years ago. Now this is a big no no for various reasons, it’s believed that spirits are attracted to dark spaces (ktv rooms are generally really dark) and music and singing (as entertainment).

They spent a few hrs in the room singing, had fun and then left to make payment. But then at the front desk the cashiers tried to charge them for three people, and kept insisting that when they arrived they had another lady with them. My friend argued with them, and finally they decided to check the footage from security cams in the room.

To his horror, the footage showed three people in the room! An additional lady crouched on the sofa just beside his gf, looking at the floor throughout the session. And when my friend and his gf left the room together, she stood up and left with them, all the while still gazing at the same spot on the floor. As the cashiers watched the video, it dawned on them what was happening, and they waived off the charges for the ‘third person’

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