28 year-old Shidee Abdul Wahab was jailed 5 weeks in the courts yesterday for attacking a group of Japanese men near Cuppage Plaza.

According to court documents, Shidee had been driving a grey Toyoto Vios near Cuppage Plaza accompanied by Zul and another unnamed Malay male in April this year.

Ken Kanada, 43, was also in the area, drinking with Osamu Takahashi, 40, Fujihashi Kentaro, 39 and Tomohiro Kojima, 36, at a Japanese night club. Kanada, Takahashi and Kojima later went to a taxi stand at the entrance of Cuppage Plaza before walking on to the road.

Shidee, who represented himself in court, told the judge that the men had crossed the road “like it was their right of way”, causing Shidee to brake.

Alighting from his vehicle, Shidee confronted the men who he believed were drunk. He attacked Mr Kanada and punched him a few times on both his cheeks. Kojima and Takahashi were also attacked as they intervened.

Kentaro, who was not present during the attack, found his friends bleeding and disheveled. Kanada had wanted to confront Shidee about the attack but Shidee and his passengers drove off. They were sent to the hospital for their injuries.

For voluntarily causing hurt, Shidee could have been jailed up to 2 years or a fine of up to $5,000.

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