A Malaysian Chinese working in Singapore was captured on video aggressively tailgating and cutting off an old lady driver on the roads yesterday, leaving netizens outraged with the behavior of the driver and his bullying antics.
A video of the incident, which took place yesterday at 1.23PM along an undisclosed stretch of road in Singapore, has been posted here.


In the video, the man could be seen confronting the auntie after dangerously cutting her off in traffic, raising his hands aggressively towards her. He took out his phone and seemed to video or photograph the older woman, before backing off when a passerby intervened.
Netizens did not have to wait long before the gold plated car's driver exposed his own identity when he posted angry comments in response to the viral video.
The man claimed that the video showed a one sided story and that time would reveal all things. As of reporting time, he did not elaborate on what he meant.

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