I joined Certis CISCO Security as a Senior Security Supervisor. I was paid gross salary $ 2700/- of which $ 2505/- is the basic salary and $ 195/- is paid provided I do not take any m/c.

This salary is based on 4 days work and 2 days off

On 2nd July due to manpower shortage, I was activated at 7.30pm to report for work and was promised that I will be paid OFF OT which meant double pay

I was asked to report for work to avoid LD (Liquidated Damages) to be imposed for shortage of manpower

When I received my time sheet, I observed that on 2nd July it was reflected as normal wage

Upon enquiring was told that based on Company Policies I’m not entitled to OFF OT and that it was miscommunicated to me by Operations Manager and Security Executive respectively

On 7th July I was transferred to work in another assignment that needs Senior Security Supervisor

Here I was told that I am required to work 5 days and 1 off day

I wrote to HR asking for revised salary package based on 5 days work and 1 day off but was told based on company policy rejected and the extra day worked will be counted as OT provided I fulfill the minimum contractual hours

I also asked why me being a Qualified Chief Security Officer with a WSQ Diploma in Security Supervisor is paid $ 500/- less than another Senior Security Supervisor without WSQ Diploma in Security Management

I was told it was company policy I don’t have the right to question them when in fact am not questioning but pleading to be treated fairly and be given wages in accordance to PLRD Progressive Wage Model (PWM)

I explained my OT per hour is pegged at 14 hours based on salary of $ 2700/- working 4 days and 2 days work and now that I’m required to work 5 days and 1 off its only fair that I be given a revised salary package so that my OT rate per hour is higher

It was rejected based on company policy

On 19th July 2017 I submitted my letter of resignation indicating that my last day will be on 17th Aug

I was told based on company policy my last day will be on 18th Aug as based on company policy since I submitted my resignation letter in the month of July which has 31 days I will have to serve 31 days notice and not 30 days as per Employment Act

On July 10th all security officers will be paid their OT Salary but mine was withheld and I enquired why ? Was told it’s company policy as they are afraid I will AWOL and don’t return accoutrements issued to me despite me reminding them I’m a local born and bred Singapore Citizen and not a Malaysian Work Permit Holder

Was also told based on Company policy when I return all items on the 18th August, my outstanding July OT and August salary from 1st to 17th will only be paid two weeks after which is end of August

This is not in compliance with the Employment Act

I asked why Certis CISCO Security is not complying with the legislated and mandated Employment Act and was told they strictly follow company policies

What kind of recourse and redress can a worker like me seek against such unfair discriminative practices which is not compliant to the Employment Act

I feel this company practises modern day salary all these years and no one dare to voice out

Discriminated And Penniless Family Man
A.S.S. Contributor

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