I was at the Katong Post office this morning at about 11am . Before me there was an “angmo” at the counter. Pardon me but I cant tell from his looks what nationality he is.

He was checking the arrival of some parcel which he was expecting. The staff told him it has not arrived yet.

After he left, I was next being served. However as I was sending something through Smartpac, after the staff gave me the Smartpac packaging, I stood by the side to fill in the information so that the staff can serve someone else in the meantime.

This “ang mo” came back in and he started questioning the staff again on the item he was expecting.

The staff patiently explained to him that he cant tell him when the item will arrive and even informed him that after the item reaches the post office, they have to do sorting, scanning etc and that the van had not even reached their location yet.

The words that came off the “ang-mo” mouth shocked all of us. He said “FXXXK You” and walked out. I shouted after him that he should mind his words and should not take it out on the staff. I would have given him a bit more if he had not already walked out of the post office.

The staff thanked me for standing up for him. I reminded him that there is a service pledge at their counter for customer to treat them the same way the customer would like to be treated.

After I have done my stuff at the post office, I noticed he was still outside the post office and I managed to snap a photo of him. I am not posting his photo here. If I write in with the photo to Singpost, will it be of use ? Obviously they will be able to “track” him as he is waiting to collect his item.

He owes the Singpost staff an apology.

A.S.S. Contributor

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