Yamaha has apologised on behalf of its flute teacher for refusing to teach an autistic boy named Alex. Earlier, Alex’s father posted about an argument with the teacher and how Yamaha did not handle the matter properly. It left him and his son disappointed at the way it treated special needs children.

The school has since apologised to Alex’s father for the last-minute cancellation and for ridiculously blaming his grandmother. It acknowledged that its staff was unprofessional in dealing with the issue but said it was because he/she was “anxious”. Yamaha realised it should have gotten the outlet manager to explain things.

“We understand and accept that Mr Lim and family are upset, hurt, and furious for the treatment received… We know that Alex was massively disappointed at no longer having lessons which he had worked so hard for and was eagerly looking forward to. Once again, we are truly sorry… We recognise and accept the consequences of our actions and know that it will take time for the wound to heal and the hurt and pain to be relieved”.

Dear Yamaha, if you knew that things could be resolved more professionally why didn’t you do that? Now come and apologise also no use right?

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