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A perverted Muay Thai trainer had been sentenced to spend 10 weeks in jail after he was found guilty of repeatedly taking videos of a 39 year old woman in the nude without her knowledge. Thai national Chaisim Santi, 38 had heard the woman showering in her home in the eastern part of Singapore shortly before committing the offence at around 12.30am on Oct 13 last year.

He retrieved his mobile phone, positioned himself near the bathroom window and used the device to record a 20-second video of her in the nude. He recorded another video of her showering at around 2.45am three days later. However, this time around, the woman saw a white mobile phone sticking out of the lower corner of the window and screamed for help. Her roommate alerted the police at around 4.10am. When officers arrived, they saw that Chaisim, who was still in the vicinity, owned two white mobile phones.

Chaisim however, at first denied that he had placed any mobile phones in the vicinity of the victim’s toilet, even though the two devices matched the description given by the woman to the police. He further denied having had any intention to record the victim bathing. Police officers conducted a check on the accused’s mobile phones, but did not find any videos or photographs of the victim. Chaisim decided to come clean to the police in a later interview and admitted that he had deleted the incriminating videos. He confessed later that he had used the videos for his own pleasure.

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