Accident happens yesterday around 5.30pm at gambas, at the yishun camp there along the pathway. And this fucker uncle riding a ebike at 50km/hr speed , with no number plate ride towards my boyfriend. My boyfriend fly 3-5m away leh! My boyfriend siam away liao still kena like this. Imagine if he nvr siam leh? He will be more serious right?!

I think his bike is illegal sia, macham car. Knn hit my boyfriend, he stop and look behind then run away without even help him up. Now my boyfriend wrist broken, nails break, knee so jialat. As you can see in the picture.

Can u compensate my boyfriend’s emotional and physical pain anot?! I curse and hope that uncle got karma! You think that area no camera cannot catch you isit?

Luckily got 3 person help him up after the accident. Thank you so much for helping my boyfriend!

Anyone can help me find who that bastard who hit my boyfriend. And i would like to thank those who helped him up

Please help me like and share to everyone!

#ebike #sg #accident #withness #yishun

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