Dear Editor,

I was patronising Watsons at Bugis Junction yesterday evening and witnessed a low class singapore chinese auntie promoter, engaging in an uneducated act of trying to shame a shopper who tried a product he did not buy.

She shouted at him in full view of other customers that the “testers” are for “display only” and not for “testing”. Get the notion? Which was why I called the auntie promoter, uneducated!

But the Caucasian looking guy just walked off and did not want to get into a tussle with her, sealing the diff between 1st and 3rd class behaviour.

This is something we Malaysians will never do despite whether or not, a potential customer buys our product after trying it.

Singaporeans should really stop and ponder why after mainland Cina, they are the 2nd most hated group for having only first world infrastructure but no class or etiquette. Singapore has become a place highly dependent on foreigners but still want to pretend otherwise.

Madeline Tio
A.S.S. Contributor

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