An unfortunate Singaporean man who married a Vietnamese wife discovered that the woman had been hiding the fact that she had 2 children from a previous marriage and at least 400,000,000 dong ($23,928) worth of debt to pay!

Despite this, the man put up with her lies and continued the marriage, until she suddenly went back to Vietnam one day and cut off all contact with him!

The man, ZC, met his wife in 2015 when she was in Singapore as a tourist. They met several times for dates after she came back to Singapore the following year.

ZC went to a marriage agency in October 2016 and made arrangements to marry her, and the couple tied the knot on 11 January 2017. This was done even though ZC knew his Vietnamese wife was a divorcee.

However, the first unpleasant surprise came when the Registry of Marriages administrative officer asked for her divorce certificate, which revealed that she had 2 children in Vietnam from her previous marriage. ZC became upset, but decided to carry on with the marriage regardless.

A few days later after the ROM, ZC’s wife revealed that she had accumulated debt of 400,000,000 dong in Vietnam and needed help to pay it off. She shamelessly asked her husband to help her pay off the debts and apply for a Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) so she could work in Singapore, and threatened him by withholding sex if he objected.

ZC told reporters: “She said she wouldn’t have our child if I did not agree.”

ZC agreed to her demands.

In June 2017, the LTVP was approved. A month later, the couple visited his wife’s mother in Vietnam and held a traditional marriage ceremonny there. ZC also paid off 100,000,000 dong ($6,200) of his wife’s outstanding debt. The couple returned to Singapore after that.

However, 13 days later, ZC’s wife said that she had to go back to Vietnam urgently because of trouble at home, but did not give him a definite date that she would be back by. After she had gone, she sent ZC photos of receipts, urging him to pay off her remaining debts or else she said the bank would seize her family business if they could not pay in time.

ZC said: “I don’t know what to do now. Should I pay off her debts? What happens then? She has behaved so irresponsibly as a wife. She acted and hid her true agenda.”

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