Dear A.S.S. Editors,

Something has happened and i need serious advice.

I went to [email protected] Kaki Bukit, 8 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4 to view a car. Due to space constraint there was no place to park my vehicle. I called the dealer and he say just park anywhere as long as there’s space.

Being kia-si i took some time to eventually found an empty space in front of unit #04-48 which looks like an abandoned unit without even company name or signage, and being kia-su i even stuck on a post-it note on my cashcard reader with my NAME and MOBILE clearly written in case if anyone found me obstructing they can give me a call.

I only realised 2hours ago that my rear wiper blade was ripped off!

Thank God i’ve front & back car camera. Tracing back the car camera footage, i was horrified that the culprit is actually the owner of #04-48. 2.24pm he ripped it off, i got back to my car at 2.34(which was 10mins later) and drove off.

Can someone advise me if going to the police now and making a report is going to help?

A.S.S. Contributor

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