A 80 year old cardboard-collecting man was bullied by 2 shopkeepers who accused him of stealing tissue paper and demanded that he pay $200 as punishment.

He was going about his usual cardboard collecting routine when he came across 2 tissue boxes in an alley behind a Geylang provision shop. He innocently collected them too, thinking they must have been discarded. It was only when he was gathering other cardboard pieces did he realise that the shopkeepers had stolen his trolley and strewn his cardboards all over the floor.

They insisted that he pay $200 for stealing their tissue boxes and were not even understanding of the uncle’s plight. Police had to intervene in the matter, which was finally resolved after the old man offered to pay $1.90 for the cost of the tissue.

Pls la, old uncle also want to bully! What kind of precious tissue paper cost $200 sia?!

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