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The person who drove a car into a condo swimming pool, and fled, “smartly” leaving the car behind has been arrested by the Police. The person, a 31-year-old woman, was arrested yesterday for allegedly driving a car into the swimming pool of a Sembawang condominium last Tuesday.

It was also understood that another suspect may be involved in the incident. The police were alerted to the incident at Skypark Residences at Sembawang Crescent at about 10.20pm and had classified it as a rash act. It was also reported that the driver left the scene and had not been found. Witnesses had said that a man and a woman had entered the condo to deliver a document to a colleague. The condo’s security guard had apparently given them directions but they made a wrong turn and drove up a grassy patch for about 80m, turned again and ended up in the pool.

No names of the suspects were released to the media. Police said the case was still under investigations.

Charlie Chua

A.S.S. Contributor

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