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In a survey result that surprised no one, it was found that Singaporeans are less satisfied with their employers compared to their global counterparts. The survey was conducted by human resources consulting firm Mercer.

Its findings show that employee engagement in Singapore has declined consistently over the last three years – in stark contrast to the upward trend observed across the globe. In last year’s survey, 73 per cent of Singaporeans said they were satisfied with the companies they work for compared to 82 per cent for the global average. In addition to that, Singaporeans are less likely to endorse their organizations as good employers – 76 per cent of employees in the Asia Pacific region would advocate for their companies as good places to work, while only 68 per cent of Singapore employees are willing to do so.

Mercer said an increasing number of employees in Singapore are not getting the right opportunities to learn and grow. Twenty per cent of employees in Singapore say they are not receiving the necessary feedback from their immediate managers to improve themselves.

Even more worrying is that one in three feels that personal career goals are difficult to meet in his or her organization. At the same time, 95 per cent of employees in Singapore want to be recognized and rewarded for a wider range of contributions.

Although 85 per cent of employees are proud of the products and services they currently offer, 30 per cent feel their organizations are not continually innovating these products and services. More than 42,000 employees in Singapore, representing various industries and jobs from global and local multinationals were surveyed.

Serene Ong

A.S.S. Contributor

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