A parent shared his disappointing and humiliating experience with Yamaha Contempo Music School at Plaza Singapura recently, where his boy was publicly humiliated after his teacher decided that he could not teach him any more and left him heartbroken and waiting outside the classroom.
According to the netizen, Ivan, his 12 year-old son had gone for one lesson with Yamaha Contempo and the school had already been informed of the boy's condition beforehand. They assigned the boy a teacher who they felt had the experience to handle such a student and the first lesson ended without incident.
When the boy turned up bright and excited for his second lesson, Yamaha's administrative staff simply stopped the boy from entering the class because they claim that teacher could not teach someone like him. Infuriated, the parents demanded an explanation but were bullied by the teacher and an intervening "parent" into leaving the school in sadness and humiliation.
Read his account here.

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