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I had notice that some of the Private Hire Car drivers had been fetching kids below the height of 1.35m without a proper safety seat. So far as i know that it is again the law that when they fetch them. But than how come they are still fetching? Does the company encourage them to fetch?

Company should send message out to all drivers to make it known that it is against the law to fetch those kids without a safety seat. If not some driver willing to fetch and some driver not willing to fetch. Sometimes can be very confusing for the rider. Company should enforce on this issue. Safety is a very important thing. Accident can happen any time and moment on the road. You can be a very careful driver but what about others?

An example, if today the PHC driver fetching a kid without a safety booster, and he got into an accident, the child die or suffer any long term injury or even losing a hand or leg, who are we going to be blame? The driver or the parent? The driver will sure be charged in court and may end up in jail. If the driver went to jail, who is going to support the driver family through out the period? As for the parents, when your child grow up, they will blame you for not taking a good care of them and causing them to have long term injury. And the parents will regret for life.

To prevent such things from happening, parents should take good care of their child and not to risk their child life. And for driver, you all had to make a wise choice that what can be done and what cannot be done. You can be very lucky for the 100 times, how about 101 time? Nobody will know. Prevention is better than regret in your life.


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